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Pekerja yang bekerja lembur cenderung berisiko kecelakaan diakibatkan kelelahan bekerja. Hal ini perlu menjadi perhatian bersama, mengingat jam lembur sering menjadi faktor ketidakwaspadaan yang mengakibatkan cedera dan kecelakaan pada pekerja.

MUARA TEWEH;– Social Department Manpower and Transmigration (Dinsosnakertrans) Barito The North District (Batara) cooperating with Disosnakertrans Central Borneo Province, hold socialization a Norm Work Safety and Health (since K3), in the hall Disosnakertrans local.

Kadisosnakertrans Batara, Drs Hendro Nakalelo MSi through Head of& nbsp;Supervision Manpower and Industrial Relations, Sunggu D Aritonang said, based on UU number 1 year 1970 on Occupational Safety, that& nbsp; every worker eligible to receive protection. Namely, for the safety in perform a work for the well-being and increase production and productivity.

Jakarta - A total of 12 people were wounded, 1 person of them forced to undergo intensive treatment because suffered fractures in his leg bone Due to incident lift crashes in RS Fatmawati, Jakarta South



"The victim was 12 people, people 5 Until ill treated Earlier, 1 person are still observed and dealt a serious Operating because cracked feet," said Deputy Manager RS-Fatmawati Jati Prasetyo Sunday (19.06.2016)

SURABAYA - Two construction workers in Surabaya Rungkut Apartment tower lift the host died after falling from the 11th floor Allegedly, the elevator fell after slingnya wire broke. The two victims were identified as Nur Furqan (31), a resident of Pati, Central Java, was killed with a wound in the head, and Nur Kamid (40), a resident of Grobogan, Central Java, were killed by the devastating wounds on the head, hands, and feet. This started from two victims who had gone upstairs to bring building materials by using the lift. But when they arrive at the 11th floor, suddenly breaking wire sling lift, so the free fall.

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