August 4, 2016

Die Lights , 7 People Stuck In The Elevator Space The Way RSCM

Jakarta – About 5 to 7 outpatients at RSCM, Jl Diponegoro, Central Jakarta, was stuck in the elevator because of a power failure. They are stuck in the lift up to 15 minutes for the building of outpatient experiencing power outages. P>


“Off the lights around 10:00 am, there were some people who were stuck in the lift number 3 about 5 to 7 people,” said the people who were at the scene, Joseph, told AFP on Wednesday (25/05/2016). Reviews Reviews Joseph said, patients are stuck in an elevator that had been evacuated at 10.15 pm. The elevator was stuck between floors 3 and 4. People in the lift was evacuated through the sidelines of the 3rd floor elevator doors
“So he was stuck between floors 3 and 4, can exit through the cracks. they were also given a kayak straps on the body, “said Joseph.
addition, Joseph said, due to a power failure location outpatient waiting room became stuffy due to be met patients. “There are so many patients plus air conditioning is not a flame, imagine what was the atmosphere like,” complained Joseph.
Confirmed separately, the official Call Centre RSCM, Vida, said the building was an outpatient at the RSCM blackouts. He confirmed there were some people trapped elevator but unaware of detail chronology.
“Yes indeed in outpatient was inoperable due to a power failure,” said Vida.

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