JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – PT Pindad (Persero) launched four latest weapon, Thursday (09/06/2016). Four weapons launched it manifold SSB assault rifle, assault rifle SS2 subsonic 5.66 mm, sub machine gun PMS, and premium G2 pistol. What is the price of these weapons? Commercial Director of PT Pindad, Widjajanto said rifle pistol type G2 premium cost about USD 35 million. “This price includes taxes,” he said at the Ministry of Defence, Central Jakarta. “But, if the price for the different members of the military because the military is exempt from tax,” said Widjajanto. Meanwhile, for the other three types of guns, Widjajanto can not mention the exact price. However, it is thought, are more expensive than the previous generation weapons. (Read: PT Pindad Launches Four New Weapon) “For this type of SS3, SS2 subsonic, and PM3 we have not released official prices. However, when referring to the old SS 2 price is USD 23 million upwards. Living her choice later use telescopes or other additives. It’s optional,” he said. For premium G2 pistol type weapons, he said that this type of weapon specifically designed for athletes shoot. Chairman of the Executive Board of the Association of Shooting and Hunting Indonesia (PERBAKIN) Bambang Trihatmodjo said PERBAKIN already booked 2,000 units through PERBAKIN Lokta PT Karya. “Later, we of PERBAKIN will submit to the international shooting federation for certification so that later the gun can be used in an international championship level,” said Bambang. The plan, a gun with an effective range shot from 25 meters that will be used to shoot branches of the Indonesian athletes in the Asian Games 2018 in Jakarta.

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