Jakarta – Unfinished case of the fall of an elevator in a building in Jalan Antara No. 47 Pasar Baru on Sunday (3/4) and then, work accidents to result in death from occurring in Central Jakarta.

This time, two construction workers were reported killed in a fall from the 18th floor of the Capitol Building Apartment, Senen, Central Jakarta on Saturday (7/5) evening.

The work accident Kapolsek disclosed Monday, Commissioner Kasmono began when the victim is known, namely Didi Eko Prasetyo (20) and Suyoto (37) is conducting metal poles on the 18th floor at approximately 22:00 pm.

At first, it was said overtime work went smoothly, an iron successfully mounted by the victim in a development project located in Jalan Marines Usman and Aaron, exactly next to Mako Brimob, RT 08/01 Senen, Central Jakarta.

However, when trying to re-install the second pillar, there are shocks to both compelled to end the two residents from the village of Lor, Boyolali, Central Java was slammed fall to the ground floor.

“Both overtime put up iron for the pole on the 18th floor, allegedly for not using security, both then fell. Both died at the scene,” he told City News, Sunday (8/5).

After the incident occurred, the project’s security officer then reported the incident to his side who came to do if the place Genesis Case (TKP).

A number of witnesses including the victim foreman, Suratman, residents of Gunung Putri, Bogor questioning, while the victim was evacuated to Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM) to undergo a post mortem.

Source: wartakota.tribunnews.com

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