We are committed to offering the most comprehensive, professional and personal service. All our clients value the fact that we are always available to offer advice and help whenever needed.

Our Fire Assessors are trained to the highest standard and have years of experience within fire safety and prevention. Our assessors are members of the Institute of Fire Engineers, Fire Expertise, Institute of Fire Safety Management and the Fire Protection Association. The Fire Assessment reports are to the highest standard being both comprehensive but user friendly.

It is the responsibility of the person with control over premises, to carry out a fire risk assessment to identify any hazards associated with the structure, means of escape, detection and alarm systems, emergency procedures, training and provisions for fighting of fires. A fire risk assessment is a formal assessment of the hazards, identifying issues that require attention to reduce the likelihood of a fire and to ensure that in the event of a fire, everyone can leave the building in plenty of time to reach a place of safety. We will carry out an assessment of your premises, processes and systems to determine the likely risk of fire and make recommendations to reduce or eliminate the risk. In carrying out this assessment, we will refer to legislation, local and international

You will find our fees the most competitive in the industry for the quality, scope and content of the report


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