July 25, 2016

Inhouse Teknisi K3 Listrik PT. Holcim Tbk Gunung Putri – Bogor

Every technician entrusted with duties and responsibilities in the work of installation, operation, maintenance / maintenance, inspection / checking, testing, and repair / repair of electrical installations must meet Occupational Health and Safety (K3), and also competence as evidenced by a certificate / license.

Based on the decision of the Director General of Industrial Relations and Labour Inspection No.Kep 311 / BW / 2002 on Certification of Competence for Safety and Health Electrical Technician, workers who work on the planning, installation and electrical maintenance with experience in the field of more than two years, should have the competence right and license. Availability of Electrical Technician is to supervise the implementation of regulations and occupational health, and safety management system to control the risk of work accidents, especially in the field of Electrical.

ISC Safety School Of Proxsis members have organized In House Training Technician Electrical K3 20 – June 24, 2016 located at PT. Holcim Tbk Gunung Putri – Bogor

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