August 4, 2016

12 people have been injured in the incident the fall of the elevator in fatmawati hospital

Jakarta – A total of 12 people were wounded, 1 person of them forced to undergo intensive treatment because suffered fractures in his leg bone Due to incident lift crashes in RS Fatmawati, Jakarta South



“The victim was 12 people, people 5 Until ill treated Earlier, 1 person are still observed and dealt a serious Operating because cracked feet,” said Deputy Manager RS-Fatmawati Jati Prasetyo Sunday (19.06.2016)

Genesis begins with aT 12.00 pm in Building Lotus Yang Yang had 8 lift operates When ITU. Building Sites 6 ITU-story inpatient Also have ladders   in Middle-middle

. “but, jam ITU visiting hours, Mas Rame really,” continued Djati.

Then, Suddenly somewhere Where audible thud. Five orangutan Looks Out Of lifting the number of prayer. Direct any security guards swarming And issuing Victims

.. * All the victims can be evacuated quickly and directly rushed Into ER   Not far from the scene

“Not ADA Casualties, ALL survivors, only one orangutan Severe, legs Cracked, rest Already Home,” Obviously Djati

Mounted Police Line

When Singer lift numbers prayers Its located Building on Drug Depot Near Lotus Already fitted Police Line

FOR cover the cost of Treatment For Victims, RS Fatmawati parties promised to liberate the costs. “We The bear ALL the costs,” Obviously Jati

.. However, currently Trying confirm Data victim in the ER RS Fatmawati, none That gives Description

MEANWHILE, parties Police Yang was at the scene was not willing to give a description. “Just supervisor wrote, Mas, I only officer on duty,” said A Policeman From Police Cilandak, South Jakarta



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