August 4, 2016

Prevent Work Accident

MUARA TEWEH;– Social Department Manpower and Transmigration (Dinsosnakertrans) Barito The North District (Batara) cooperating with Disosnakertrans Central Borneo Province, hold socialization a Norm Work Safety and Health (since K3), in the hall Disosnakertrans local.

Kadisosnakertrans Batara, Drs Hendro Nakalelo MSi through Head of& nbsp;Supervision Manpower and Industrial Relations, Sunggu D Aritonang said, based on UU number 1 year 1970 on Occupational Safety, that& nbsp; every worker eligible to receive protection. Namely, for the safety in perform a work for the well-being and increase production and productivity.

K3 is a efforts to protect that labor always in good health and good for do the work at work. Was aimed at preventing and reducing the work accident.”Others who are at work get the protection of safety. Any source of production can be used safely and efficient,” he said.

These activities was followed by 30 participants from 29 of companies in the Batara District. Attended Head of Supervision Disnakertrans Provincial Central Borneo, Dra Crismiati MSi and Inspector Employment Kalteng Province, Ari Dwi S ST. On 2016, Indonesian Employment Minister has given the award an accident nihil(zero accident), to 33 companies in the Central Borneo Province. This showed that concern from businesses on the workers also very important. Especially work safety and health that have been carried out. Conformity to rules and and regulations, through the implementation of the socialization the norm for K3 businessman and workers in the company is getting better as well as directed.



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