August 21, 2016

HUET Training

Cource Aim:

To provide passengers and aircrew with necessary understanding and skills necessary to react to and survive a helicopter ditching and to care for themselves in a sea survival situation


All participants must complete at least three (3) unassisted escapes from the helicopter module (SWET’s) & complete a questionnaire in order to pass the course.


Participants must hold a valid and current medical certificate in accordance with: If non-marine industry personnel – Industry Standards If marine industry personnel As per SOLAS chapter 9 LESSON PLAN: Helicopter Safety Surfaces Abandonment Pre ditching checks Donning Life jackets EPIRB / ELT’s Search and Rescue (SAR)

Pre ditching checks

Ditching – aircraft capsize

Sea Survival


Use Life rafts

Safe use of pyrotechnics and signaling

Recovery and Rescue


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