Oil and Gas Consulting.

Proxsis Consulting Groupwith OMC as its member have excellent proven track record in assisting more than 500 companies to design, develop and implement Business Process Management, Food and Agro Management System, Asset Management and International Standards Compliance and Certification.

Some of the key benefit of using OMC Consulting:

  • Business Process Methodology

OMC Consulting uses a unique business process methodology as the core principle to customize management system for each client.

  • Systematic and Long Term Approach

OMC Consulting approach is systematic and training oriented. Every stage of the project is carefully planned and guided – you will have a peaceful mind. Our training oriented approach ensures maximum knowledge and skill transfer from our consultants to your staff, hence achieving self-sufficiency in system development and ease of long term maintenance.

  • Experience in Industrial Requirements

OMC Consultants has excellent track record in assisting hundred of companies in different industries in their successful quality system implementation and certification, and most importantly, to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the companies quality system.


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Oil and gas management center

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