September 1, 2016

Lead Auditor OHSAS Sertifikasi IRCA

Lead Auditor OHSAS sertifikasi IRCA, 19-23 Januari 2015

This course briefly reviews the OHSAS 18001 standart and will give participants an appreciation of the importance of the ghazard identification, risk assesment and risk procesess and the legal and regulatory requirements, wich are at the core Ā of an effective OH&S management system.


  • The aim of this course is to qualify participants to the Lead Auditor Level.
  • The course provides skills, knowledge and understanding of principles and practices of auditing of OHSAS 18001. On successful completion of the course, the delegates will be capable
  • performing effective audits of companiesā€™ OHSAS 18001,
  • Reporting the outcome and determine whether or not it meets the requirements of the OHSAS 18001 standard


  • All levels of management who are involved in OHSAS 18001 internal & external auditing
  • All levels of management who plan, execute and follow-up OHSAS 18001 internal & external auditing.


  • Use of excellent interactive materials of international standards
  • Power Point Presentation on all topics
  • Tutorials, Discussions, Workshops, Quiz & Examination.


  • Philosophy and the fundamental principles of OHSAS 18000 series
  • Detailed review of the requirements of OHSAS 18001 standard,
  • Definitions, purpose, objectives and benefits of OHSAS 18001 auditing,
  • An explanation of audits, their purpose and planning, and the way to approach, perform and report an audit,
  • Successful tools and techniques for OHSAS 18001 auditing
  • Effective reporting of OHSAS 18001 auditing,
  • Effective follow-up OHSAS 18001 auditing,
  • Auditorā€™s responsibilities, personnel attributes and Auditor selection,
  • OHSAS 18001 auditing as a tool for continual improvement,
  • Auditor Registration Scheme & Examination.

INVESMENT:IDRĀ  8.000,000,/person Per batch training with maximum 10 participants.

CERTIFICATION: IRCA Certificate will be issued to all attendees on successful completion of the course.

Duration :
5 days

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