August 23, 2016

Training Working At Heights

Falling from heights is one of the most common causes of death on construction sites, but in any type of business, working at height is a high risk activity. Working from ladders, scaffolds and platforms are obvious examples, but there are many more activities where people are required to work at height. Examples include working on roofs and over tanks, pits and structures. Even changing a ceiling light in an office involves working at heights.The “Working at Heights” Awareness Training is designed to provide personnel with the ability to recognize the potential for serious injury when working at heights and determine safe methods available to minimize the risks involved. Reducing accidents in the work place is a sound management practice. Not only does it make your workforce happier, but you will save money through improved output and reduce the risk of fines and compensation claims. Many work activities involve working at height.

Relevant to SKKNI Competency OHS :

  1. KKK.
  2. KKK.
  3. KKK.
  4. KKK.
  5. KKK.
  6. KKK.
  7. KKK.


  1. Describe what is working at heights and the potential risks involved
  2. Describe the hierarchy of Hazard control with respect to working at heights
  3. Explain the minimum requirements for an elevated work platform (fixed and scaffold)
  4. Demonstrate the ability to correctly select and use a Safety Harness and attachments
  5. Explain the requirements for safe access and egress to work areas at height

Who Must Attend:

Supervisor, Head of Division, Personnel in occupation of Safety & Health, Production, Fixed Plant, Maintenance, logistic


Presentation, Case Study, brainstorming, Practical Exercise,Practical Demonstration

Topic Materials

  1. UU. No.1 Tahun1970
  2. Behavior based safety
  3. Using PPE
  4. Simulation practise using a personal fall arrest
  5. Simple movements in height
  6. Implementation ofwork procedure sat height
  7. Using of a personal fall arrest
  8. Assembly portable stairs
  9. Emergency first aid practices


Rp. 5.500.000/person


3 Days (training)

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